About Empire Media Group

The Media’s Play Button

Our uniqueness is our focus on our clients and not our competition, excellent delivery before business profit. We have embraced the blue ocean strategy that is proven to be the next big thing in the business world, creating new markets for our clients’ financial fulfilment.


Mission statement

Our mission is to make your brand recognized and adopted in the crowded marketplace.

By using; creative expertise, innovative communications techniques, an inclusive policy and strategy-per-budget approach, we give a wide range of businesses avenues to increase market share and faithful clients.

Vision statement

Our vision is to use visual communications to give visibility and credibility to brands for their niche to loyally adopt and consume them.

Brand illustration

  • This brand idea is simplified by personalizing our agency as a stage.
  • A hall where with our megaphone (advertising and communications techniques) we call a great audience to watch your play. With our spotlight (the media) we make your brand visible. And on that stage, brands can convince, entertain, sell and capture the audience. The standing ovation (brand adoption and product purchase) is the inevitable guarantee we give our clients for we know with our coaching (counsel and strategy) they can only deliver an electrifying performance (sales).

Brand Philosophy

  • Empire Media group’s brand philosophy centers on the power of the sunlight and the authority of the play button to bring about the notion that we are the energy that starts great ideas, the point where concepts sets to motion.
  • The sunlight on the logo represents energy, genesis, and the start of a new day, expansion and value (gold). The play button on the logo represents start, motion, advancement, progress, and modernity. This is because the business world we live in today is ruled by media and multimedia and the play button is what makes things start and set to motion.
  • Our logo tells you that choosing our agency is choosing fresh concepts, giving wings to your ideas, re-positioning your business where there is power, growth and expansion. It is choosing modernity, authority and pace setting.